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Phone for a loan is a lead generating we site. We take calls and pass them onto loan companies that meet our standards. We have all at some time in our lives had a money problem. Our aim on this website is to help people find a good lender that wont rip them off.
Payday loans in themselves are not a bad thing, apart from paying very high interest rates every one charges. Using them all the time can be come habit forming, like the people who are now locked into using the credit cards.
It is not our place to tell people how to manage their finances . We will just point out ways we ourselves had used in the passed. What we try to do is to suggest how to stop using online payday loan all together through our posts. Also we watch out for the website that seem to good to be true. Also as we find problem areas in the loan market then we will write a blog on what we find.

Best regards from Phone for a loan team.