Borrowing:  Using a Car Title Loan or a Title Pawn      

We seriously think that using your transports as collateral is a bad idea. The state of California have put in some of the most rigid relegation's in the country but not on this area. They are slack regulations for auto title loans which is a rendering of the home equity type loans. Some lenders who offer this service push people to take more then they need.

You are not just putting you vehicle on the line. If you full behind in your payments so much that you vehicle can be legally taken off you. You lose a lot more. You may not sell the car yourself as you have handed it over in the agreement you signed so wont get its real value. It may mean you can not get to work without wheels. Some times the vehicle sale may not cover the amount you owe. You could still be paying after your vehicle was taken.

If you do decide to get a loan using you car here are the requirements needed.

You have to be over 18 years old. A clear title that you own the vehicle. Proof of Insurance (a security check some times used) The vehicle must be fit for the road. Your driving License, and a open checking account in the same name as license. Proof of your address (gas, lighting bills should do for the address with your name on).

It is best to phone first about your car condition then if the loan company is interested take your vehicle to them.


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This is in good condition and would be excepted but you would get 30-40% of its value

good clean car used as colatral f

 This would not be excepted by most lenders but saying not , you could get a sell it OR rent it out for a time to get the money you need. There is always some one looking for a cheap car or to rent one. 

old cars for scrap





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