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We can help you. It’s a pain having something goes wrong like your car or the boiler brakes down. Even worst that financial emergency that has to be paid within a few days. The good thing is you can solve these problems.

By taking out one of the many Payday loans online offers, you can get the money you need very fast. If it is only for a month then there is no quicker way of getting over your cash flow problem then getting a short term loan.

We at phone for a loan recognize that looking around to locate that loan is worrying and stressful. To help you with this we have done many checks on loan companies for you. We have looked into online payday loans, which is the main type of borrowing for a short time. We have also looked into an online personal loan and payday advance loans. Each has a different offer or terms attached to them, so it pays to look which is the best option for you. There is also online Installment loans if you need to borrow more than $300 but again repayments will cost a lot more than other types being offered.

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The information needed from one lender to lender can vary but the basic questions are the same for them. You need to be 18 years old or over as in most states. You will also need an active checking account. Your checking account will need to accept electronic transfers. You got to have a contact phone number.                                                     

The lender will ask you to show proof that you have a steady source of income, so some payslips will do. Your source of income does NOT have to be a paying job. You can be a recipient of government benefits, or you may have other sources of income other than a regular job. You will be asked what day you get paid on. The lender can use the date to set up the terms and conditions that will be in your loan contract. Once your application has been approved the lender will send the money to your account.



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Your Protected

California payday loans are thoroughly controlled to safeguard your rights. There is a top limit anyone can borrow from a loan company at any one time. You can borrow up to $255 on a single payday loan before costs are added in.

A charge that could be added to a payday loan is 17.65% per $100 loaned. Take the full amount you can get with a payday loan that is $255 include the fees of 17.65% of this amount of money and you repay $300, which will have to be paid back within 1 Month. Other loans mentioned will have different rates of interest and fees.

Legal guidelines which have been set up cover both of these the storefront and the internet. Here are the regulations of this state, the California civil code 1789.30 and the financial code 23000. These laws mentioned have everything covered by the types of lending mentioned in this article as far as our company can tell.

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Some lenders who advertise work overseas or out-of-state. This lets them get around the laws that are in place in your state to protect you. If you ask to use a form from out side your state you should RED FLAG it or you could lose money. We have taken the time to find where a company operates from and stay well clear of them if they operate this way even if they are above board. All the people we have checked out work inside the laws of California.                                        

Just one more thing. here are two sites on scams.  The USA. Gov       and    Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) 





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